Happy 2019 to everyone! I am so thrilled you have taken the time to check out my website. I hope you are finding it helpful. I have been working hard on updating planners, organizing my music playlists, and most importantly, reaching out to couples in search of their wedding DJ! I look forward to hearing from all visitors. Tell me about your event, and your vision. I want to know!

creating the soundtrack that is bliss...

Here at Blyssful Sounds, I provide a personal approach to planning the music for your event. I prefer sitting down in a coffee shop talking about your favorite albums, what songs your family loves to dance to, and which artists you relate the most to. I understand this isn't a possibility for everyone, which is why I am always up for an in-depth phone call or video conference!

On the microphone, I have perfected a casual voice. I believe emceeing is a very important part of any event, and it should be done with direction and clarity.

Additionally, I provide dance floor and up-lighting to enhance the ambiance of your celebration, and encourage your guests to get out on the vibrant dance floor!

I provide wedding Ceremony & Reception planners for wedding parties, that help organize both your ceremony and reception music.

Come see me when I do public shows, and know when I'm working on private events! Check out my calendars to see if your date is still open, and feel free to reach out if you would like to talk about having DJ Blyssful at one of your events!