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Karlo & Anthony's

Wedding DJ/Coordinator

This was my first time acting as both DJ AND day-of-coordinator. What a wonderful task to take on for these two!

My Mission in life, has always been to make sure that I end up supporting myself by doing what I am passionate about, what I crave, and what I love!
In my personal life, I strive to always set the best example I can when working with friends, family, and even clients! I treat others how I would like to be treated, and I take care of those who need someone to have their back!
In work, my mission has always been to make sure that my client is as happy as I am, when walking away at the end of the night. My most cherished reward is hearing someone say,"Thank you for taking care of that, we couldn't have done it without you!"
I strive to make sure the client believes me when I say,"This is your day, your event, and I want to do everything in my power to help create your vision!"
I believe in people's visions, because I know that with patience, communication, and some good music, good memories will be made!
And that brings me to my final Mission, which is creating positively unforgettable memories with your loved ones! Whether its family, friends, co-workers, peers, whoever. What brings us together are the special moments we share with one another, and the memories we get to take with us!

Special Projects

About DJ Blyssful

The Trilateral DJ Commission

This has been a project in the works for some time. Three DJ's, three skill sets, and all we do is push each other to learn, and throw a bigger and better party every time!

My Mission

Stefano Belini

Bartender flaring competition

Putting together great mixes to match the energy that goes behind flaring has been one of my favorite challenges!

DJ Blyssful's

70's Halloween Party

This was my first time throwing my own public party! It was nerve wrecking, rewarding, and I learned a lot along the way!

I have lived in Seattle now for about 10 years, and have enjoyed every bit of culture and experience I have picked up along the way!

I have always been a lover of music. Whether it was climbing up the tree in my backyard to listen to a CD over and over again on my walkman, taking a weekly dance class so I could groove to the music, or learning to play the guitar so I could jump in on any jam sesh!

I have always  valued music first.

Music to me is what brings us as humans together. We all are enchanted by our own style or genre of music, and for me, I have always been able to find a piece of myself in all of them. I grew up listening to my Grandfathers doo-wop and Motown records, my Grandmother’s classic folk and rock, my Mother’s Disco music, and my Father’s soul and R&B albums. I learned about Hip-Hop from my older sister, and my older brothers made sure to teach me about the alternative groups and underground artists. 

Music has always been the portal for which I have expressed my feelings for love, life, movement, and spirituality. In my day-to-day life I am still always listening to music, asking my family and friends about their favorite music, playing music in my car, and making sure there is music for any special event I can help with for friends and family.

Right along side my love for music is my love for people. People are so very special. The same people who grew up with our grandparents, helped raise our parents, who then created a whole new community of people that raised all of us. I love all people and the unique stories that make each one of them different and special.

For me, finding a career that mixes both of my loves on this planet is a dream come true. I get to make people happy by playing music for them, and that is amazing!