2 Hour party packages starting at $500

Your deposit represents 20% of your total service fee, and is due upon signing of the contract. This deposit will apply to your final balance due.

Standard event:  2 hours/ $550
Includes:      - 2 Speakers (Dance floor area only)
                   - 1 Sound system (Dance floor area only)
                   - 1 Wireless handheld microphone (for announcements & speeches)
                   - Emcee assistance
                   - 3 Dance floor lights

Breakdown:     $400 for 1 complete sound system (Speakers, sound system, wireless                                microphone) and Emcee assistance.
                      $150 for the lighting set up

Blyssful Sounds Wedding package:

All-inclusive 5 hour Ceremony & Reception coverage/ $1,600

Includes:       - 5 Speakers (2 for ceremony, 3 for reception, ceremony speakers                               transition to reception)
                   - 2 Sound Systems (one system for ceremony site, one system for                               reception)
                   - 2 Wireless lapel microphones
                   - 1 Wireless handheld microphone
                   - Wedding Ceremony/Reception planners
                   - Full Emcee coverage of entire event
                   - 14 Dance floor lights (8 lights act as uplighting if wanted)

Breakdown:      $1,300 for 2 complete sound systems, covering ceremony &                                   reception for 6 hours, Emcee coverage for entire event.    
                       $300 for 14 light setup

Additional Services:

​         Day of Coordinating - $1,000

         Additional up-lighting - $500

What to expect from a professional DJ...

Most people who are planning an event encounter the hurdle of providing music entertainment, and how to go about it in the move efficient way. Typically this means hiring a DJ to provide the music production and emceeing. But what does a DJ really do? and how can the DJ effect your event in a positive way, or a negative way?

What you SHOULD expect from a professional DJ is someone who is reliable and experienced in all facets of their service. They should be able to provide you with at least one sound system that includes a mixer and music program, at least one pair of speakers with stands, and at least one microphone. Every event should have adequate sound for the size of the group, as well as the area of the venue.

A professional DJ will also have a backup system ready to go in the case of equipment malfunction. It is never good when music should be playing, and it isn't, because the DJ cant figure out whats wrong with their equipment.

A professional DJ will also keep up on the maintenance of their equipment to avoid any failure or malfunction during an event.

A professional DJ should also be confident on the microphone, as leading a group through the transitions of an event is an important part of keeping your party running smoothly. You should never have to experience a muffled microphone statement where no one knows what was said, and they don't know what to do next.

A professional DJ should always dress for the occasion, and keep their space tidy and clear of any tripping hazards. No body likes a messy DJ in the background of their event photos!

A professional DJ will also take the time to set up all of their gear in a clean, and safe manner. No body wants to remember that time they tripped over the speaker cable at their best friends wedding, spilling red wine everywhere!

A professional DJ should always be organized in dealing with contracts and the planning of the music. Your DJ should have planners for the music, which help you in organizing your ideas together, as well as aiding the DJ throughout your event. No one likes it when you've requested certain music to be played, and the DJ does not provide because they cannot remember when and what they are supposed to play.

A professional DJ should know how to read the crowd, and incorporate music that is appropriate for the demographic of your group. Your guests will not respond well to a DJ thats playing hip-hop and 80's, when your guests are country enthusiasts.

A professional DJ will also have the experience and knowledge to effectively trouble shoot in times of emergency. Knowing when to divert imbibed guests away from equipment, fluently wording the microphone out of a guests possession, creatively stalling when schedules are pushed back, and utilizing extra gear to work around equipment inadequacies, are all ways that a DJ can and should be ready to calmly problem solve at any given time.

A professional DJ should have an up-to-date Business license, and liability insurance or option for day-of liability insurance. No one wants to deal with the unseen foreshadow of damages done to either the DJ or DJ's equipment, possibly resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars owed in small claims court.

Every Event differs from the reason for the occasion, the people who are there, to the type of music being played.  What I take into account as the DJ is how many people will I be leading? How much space will I need to equip with sound coverage? What will my presence be in regards to coordinating the day and vendors? or will I be leading any activities such as party games or special ceremonies on top of mixing the music throughout the event?

Because of this, every event is priced individually based on the services needed.  Please call or email me so that I can give you a proper quote based on your party's needs!

BlyssfulSounds@gmail.com       -     425-647-5507

5 Hour wedding packages starting at $1,500

Services and Rates

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